Integrated Pre-Feasibility Study of a Commercial-Scale Commercial Carbon Capture Project in Formations of the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming Email Page
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Performer:  University of Wyoming Location:  Laramie, Wyoming
Project Duration:  03/01/2017 – 08/31/2018 Award Number:  FE0029302
Technology Area:  Storage Infrastructure Total Award Value:  $1,498,242
Key Technology:   DOE Share:  $1,188,090
Performer Share:  $310,152

The three well sites (black dots) in the RSU (white area)<br/>in Wyoming's Greater Green River Basin (light gray).<br/>A nearby CO<sub>2</sub> pipeline is shown in red.
The three well sites (black dots) in the RSU (white area)
in Wyoming's Greater Green River Basin (light gray).
A nearby CO2 pipeline is shown in red.

Project Description

As part of the Integrated CCS Pre-Feasibility phase of the Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) Initiative, the University of Wyoming, in partnership with DOE, will perform a phase I pre-feasibility assessment for secure, commercial-scale CO2 capture and storage at the Rock Springs Uplift (RSU), Wyoming. The project’s initial scenario and related study objectives are to perform (1) a CO2 source assessment based on post-combustion capture of CO2 from PacifiCorp’s Jim Bridger Plant, due to its location within the RSU study area and its status as the largest source of anthropogenic CO2 in the State of Wyoming; (2) a CO2 transportation assessment involving the utilization of either the nearby existing CO2 pipeline network or through a new direct pipeline organized by the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, an ongoing effort by the State of Wyoming in cooperation with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management; and (3) a high-level sub-basinal evaluation to identify additional storage reservoirs within the RSU beyond the presently characterized Madison and Weber formations to enhance storage capacities with stacked storage.

Project Benefits

This project will lead to an in-depth understanding of the technical, legal and economic feasibility of a scenario involving the capture and storage of over 50 million metric tons of CO2 from the largest emitter in the state. The control of CO2 emissions is increasingly imperative for the continued viability of Wyoming’s fossil energy economy. The project will advance the development and permitting of commercial-scale saline CCS projects by leveraging numerous unique and existing Wyoming assets and attributes. This project will support DOE’s Carbon Storage Program goals to develop technologies to ensure 99 percent storage permanence with the ability to predict storage capacity to within ±30 percent. The Rock Springs Uplift project will also support the Carbon Storage Program mission to develop and advance carbon capture and storage technologies for widespread deployment in the 2025–2035 timeframe that will ensure safe, secure, efficient, and cost-effective CO2 containment in diverse geologic formations.

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Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Fred McLaughlin :