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Performer:  University of Kentucky Research Foundation Location:  Lexington, Kentucky
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 10/31/2017 Award Number:  FE0026497
Technology Area:  Post-Combustion Capture Total Award Value:  $1,249,786
Key Technology:  Solvents DOE Share:  $999,070
Performer Share:  $250,716

LG&E Trimble County Generating Station, proposed host site for large pilot testing
LG&E Trimble County Generating Station, proposed host site for large pilot testing

Project Description

The University of Kentucky’s (UK) Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) has teamed with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to further develop its heat-integrated, post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system for application on a coal-fired power plant. The goal of this project is to scale up and test, at 10 MWe, the CAER system that uses heat integration, two-stage stripping, and an advanced solvent to enhance the CO2 absorber performance, thereby improving plant efficiency. The project will be modeled directly after CAER’s small pilot (0.7 MWe) CO2 capture system located at the Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) E.W. Brown power plant. Two key aspects that differentiate the technology from other capture systems are (1) a two-stage stripping unit for solvent regeneration in which the second stage air-stripper is empowered by the heat rejection from the first stage conventional steam-heated stripper, thereby reducing the energy penalty, and (2) a heat-integrated cooling tower system that recovers waste energy from the carbon capture system. Phase I tasks include developing the preliminary engineering design, techno-economic analysis, and technology gap analysis; incorporating small pilot (0.7 MWe) data; selecting a host site; and defining the Phase II experimental design.

Projects for the large-scale (equivalent of 10 to +25 MWe) pilot testing of post-combustion CO2 capture technology systems are being conducted in two phases, with a competitive downselect to continue from Phase I into Phase II. This project was selected for Phase I; a Phase II application must be submitted to be considered for the full project.

Predecessor Project: FE0007395

Project Benefits

The novel concepts developed in this project will improve the overall plant efficiency when integrated with a CO2 capture system, and can be utilized to retrofit existing coal-fired power plants. The technology is projected to capture 90 percent CO2 with 95 percent CO2 purity and achieve $40.7/tonne CO2 captured. The data and information collected at the 10-MWe scale will provide a clear path toward eventual deployment at commercial scale.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Bruce Lani:
Technology Manager Lynn Brickett:
Principal Investigator Kunlei Liu: