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Performer:  Gas Technology Institute (GTI) Location:  Des Plaines, Illinois
Project Duration:  10/01/2015 – 09/30/2019 Award Number:  FE0026383
Technology Area:  Post-Combustion Capture Total Award Value:  $2,499,995
Key Technology:  Novel Concepts DOE Share:  $1,999,995
Performer Share:  $500,000

GO process (top) and PEEK HFMC process
GO process (top) and PEEK HFMC process

Project Description

Gas Technology Institute has teamed with the University of South Carolina, Porogen Corporation, and Trimeric Corporation to develop a hybrid process for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue gas of pulverized coal-fired power plants. The process will combine a conventional gas separation membrane unit and a solvent-based capture process that utilizes a novel hollow fiber membrane contactor unit to capture greater than 90 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO2) with 95 percent CO2 purity at a cost of electricity 30 percent less than the baseline CO2 capture approach. The hybrid process integrates the ultrathin graphene oxide (GO) membrane process with the polyether ether ketone (PEEK) hollow fiber membrane contactor (HFMC) process for increased reduction in the cost of CO2 capture. The GO membranes will capture the bulk of the CO2 from coal-fired flue gas and the PEEK HFMC unit will capture additional CO2 to achieve DOE’s performance targets. In this project, the GO membrane preparation method will be optimized to achieve membranes with CO2/N2 selectivity of greater than 90 and a CO2 permeance of at least 1,000 GPU. Third-generation PEEK fibers will be optimized and manufactured with an intrinsic permeance of at least 3,000 GPU. The GO membrane unit will be integrated with the PEEK membrane contactor unit to measure the system performance. Testing of the bench-scale integrated GO-PEEK hybrid system will be conducted with simulated flue gas. A techno-economic feasibility study will be completed based on the integrated testing data.

Predecessor Project: FE0012829

Project Benefits

The GO-PEEK hybrid process offers an alternative to overcome limitations of singular systems, such as those based on solvents or membranes alone. The process takes advantage of both the simply equipped nature of the conventional gas separation membrane process and the high selectivity of the membrane contactor process. The membrane-based GO-PEEK process provides a high surface area/volume ratio for CO2 separation to take place. Therefore, the equipment of this technology can be 50-70 percent smaller in volume than that of DOE's benchmark CO2 capture technology. Due to the reduced footprint requirement and lower visual impact this technology is well suited for new and existing pulverized coal power plants.

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Technology Manager Lynn Brickett:
Principal Investigator Shiguang Li: