Brine Extraction and Treatment Strategies to Enhance Pressure Management and Control of CO2 Carbon Dioxide Plumes in Deep Geologic Foundation Email Page
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Performer:  Illinois State Geological Survey Location:  Champaign, Illinois
Project Duration:  09/01/2015 – 03/31/2017 Award Number:  FE0026136
Technology Area:  Storage Infrastructure Total Award Value:  $2,006,845
Key Technology:  Fit-for-Purpose DOE Share:  $1,603,806
Performer Share:  $403,039

Figure 1: Proposed method to treat brines with<br/>Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentrations below<br/>50,000 parts per million.
Figure 1: Proposed method to treat brines with
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentrations below
50,000 parts per million.

Project Description

The project is developing and validating pressure management and CO2 plume control strategies that can address technical and economic barriers to commercial deployment of carbon capture and storage technologies based on computational and field demonstration work at two Illinois CO2 storage sites (the Illinois Basin Decatur Project and the Illinois Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Project). New and existing wells are being used to investigate field-ready development and monitoring strategies to manage pressure and control CO2 plumes. The effort is evaluating extraction well(s) placement, brine-extraction-to-CO2-injection ratios, extraction well completions, and brine treatment and handling options (Figure 1). The sensitivity of pressure changes and CO2 plume movements to extraction well location and brine-extraction-to-CO2-injection ratio is being evaluated via reservoir simulations. Both storage efficiency and a differential pressure index are being used for selecting effective brine extraction strategies. Brine treatment and handling methods that account for safe handling of brine from extraction through treatment and eventual use in industrial settings (water life-cycle analysis) are being considered. The most practical or promising brine treatment and handling options will be recommended for implementation when this project advances to a second phase.

Project Benefits

This project addresses the development of brine extraction, treatment, and handling strategies that can be integrated into a geologic CO2 storage effort to effectively control the CO2 plume and manage pressure in deep geologic formations. Successful development and demonstration of these strategies reduces CO2 storage risk (i.e. excessive pressure and CO2 plume size) at commercial scale CO2 projects. The brine treatment research is expected to provide industrial sites an additional source of industrial water while the extraction of water will control pressure and plume size at a CO2 storage site. The research contributes to the DOE program’s effort of developing and validating technologies to ensure 99 percent storage permanence.

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Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Dr. Roland Okwen: