Integrated Oxygen Production and CO2 Separation Through Chemical Looping Combustion with Oxygen Uncoupling Email Page
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Performer: University of Utah - OSP
Schematic of the copper-based CLOU process,<br/>University of Utah 200 kW pilot-scale chemical<br/>looping system and simulation of the<br/>dual fluidized bed system.
Schematic of the copper-based CLOU process,
University of Utah 200 kW pilot-scale chemical
looping system and simulation of the
dual fluidized bed system.
Website: The University of Utah
Award Number: FE0025076
Project Duration: 09/01/2015 – 09/30/2018
Total Award Value: $2,350,400
DOE Share: $1,880,320
Performer Share: $470,080
Technology Area: Advanced Combustion Systems
Key Technology: Chemical Looping Combustion
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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