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Performer:  Alstom Power, Inc. Location:  Windsor, Connecticut
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Project Duration:  09/04/2015 – 12/31/2017 Award Number:  FE0025073
Technology Area:  Advanced Combustion Systems Total Award Value:  $2,498,675
Key Technology:  Chemical Looping Combustion DOE Share:  $1,998,940
Performer Share:  $499,735

Alstom LCL-C™ Diagram
Alstom LCL-C™ Diagram

Project Description

Alstom Power Inc. (Alstom) is developing a limestone-based chemical looping combustion (LCL-C™) process for generating power that will achieve near-zero emissions and include carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. Alstom will team with the University of North Dakota and Envergex, LLC to conduct parametric bench-scale tests, data analysis, and facility modification and operation. Great River Energy will provide industrial input in designing and operating a coal-fired LCL-C™ system. Specific project objectives are (1) parametric testing to select oxygen carrier systems with enhanced reactivity; (2) validation of enhancement of oxygen carrier systems at Alstom’s 100 millimeter pilot-scale testing facility; (3) integration of an optimized solution in Alstom's 3-MWth test facility with validation of performance; (4) Aspen modeling of the LCL-C™ gas processing unit system for optimization of the species separation and recycling scheme; and (5) a techno-economic analysis update of LCL-C™ technology for power generation to show that the improvement has the potential to meet the DOE cost and performance goals. This program will leverage previous research from DOE Award DE-FE0009484.

Project Benefits

The Alstom project will address the critical technology gap of flue gas purity and ensure development of an LCL-C™ process that can significantly reduce the cost of electricity while capturing CO2. It will also show that the LCL-C™ process can be scaled to a demonstration scale as planned. The chemical looping process offers one of the lowest cost options for coal-fired power generation with carbon capture.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Robin Ames:
Technology Manager John Rockey:
Principal Investigator Frederic Vitse: