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Performer: Energy Industries of Ohio Inc.
Downdraft inverted tower AUSC steam<br/>generator (left),<br/>AUSC ComTest superheater arrangement (right).
Downdraft inverted tower AUSC steam
generator (left),
AUSC ComTest superheater arrangement (right).
Website: Energy Industries of Ohio Inc.
Award Number: FE0025064
Project Duration: 11/01/2015 – 09/30/2021
Total Award Value: $74,058,187
DOE Share: $55,477,072
Performer Share: $18,581,115
Technology Area: Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology: High Performance Materials
Location: Cleveland, OH

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

  • Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Component Testing (March 2017)
    Presented by Horst Hack, Energy Industries of Ohio Inc., Project Review Meeting for Crosscutting Research, Gasification Systems, and Rare Earth Elements Research Portfolios, Pittsburgh, PA.