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Performer:  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Location:  Socorro, New Mexico
Project Duration:  10/01/2012 – 09/30/2016 Award Number:  FE0009878
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $1,345,414
Key Technology:  Sensors & Controls DOE Share:  $897,391
Performer Share:  $448,023

The apparatus for pH potential measurement at<br/>high pressure (a) apparatus overview;<br/>(b) pH sensor unit connected with multimeter and data acquisition system; (c) details of pH sensor unit
The apparatus for pH potential measurement at
high pressure (a) apparatus overview;
(b) pH sensor unit connected with multimeter and data acquisition system; (c) details of pH sensor unit

Project Description

The proposed work targets the development of a robust pH sensor for in situ monitoring of subsurface waters. The pH of the water will reflect dissolved CO2 and can thus infer CO2 plume migration. The downhole pH/CO2 sensor will be developed to resist high pressures, high temperatures, and high salinity. Materials development work includes the use of a metal-oxide pH electrode with good stability and the understanding of different factor's effects on the performance of the electrode, after which sensor performance under high pressures, temperatures, and salinity conditions will be evaluated. Additional performance evaluations of the sensor will be carried out using CO2/brine coreflooding tests, and a data acquisition system will be developed to enable pH and CO2 presence to be determined in situ.

Project Benefits

This project focuses on the development of a CO2 chemical sensor that can be used to monitor subsurface CO2 migration during carbon sequestration. The integrated sensing technology developed can be placed in-situ to continuously monitor CO2 plume migration in carbon sequestration projects. The expected impact of this technology is lower operating costs through the use of improved monitoring devices to measure and verify the integrity of CO2 sequestration sites.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Barbara Carney:
Technology Manager Robert Romanosky:
Principal Investigator Ning Liu: