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Performer:  Illinois State Geological Survey Location:  Champaign, Illinois
Project Duration:  10/01/2012 – 09/30/2014 Award Number:  FE0009612
Technology Area:  Geologic Storage Technologies and Simulation and Risk Assessment Total Award Value:  $1,040,410
Key Technology:  Fluid Flow, Pressure, and Water Management DOE Share:  $809,412
Performer Share:  $230,998

CO<sub>2</sub> plume distribution model in a channelized<br/>system over a 50 year period.
CO2 plume distribution model in a channelized
system over a 50 year period.

Project Description

The goal of this research was to identify means of improving CO2 storage efficiency and plume distribution for varying degrees of heterogeneity in geologic reservoirs of different depositional environments identified by DOE as promising storage formations. The approach to achieving this goal included: 1) completing a preliminary screening of Illinois Basin (ILB) geologic formations that represent a broad and diverse portfolio of promising geologic depositional environments for CO2 storage; 2) developing geologic models of ILB geologic formations that are suitable to represent the desired depositional environments and formation classes; 3) using the models to determine baseline estimates of storage efficiency for each of the formation classes; and 4) determining the potential incremental improvements in storage efficiency that could be realized for each of the formation classes by applying various field methods or operational techniques.

Project Benefits

The project improved the overall understanding of carbon storage capacity estimation, contributing to better storage technology thus reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Specifically, the project used rigorously developed geologic and reservoir models representing different potential formation classes; the models were generalized for use in sedimentary basins throughout North America.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Darin Damiani:
Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Rolan Okwen: