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Performer:  Siemens Energy, Inc. Location:  Orlando, Florida
Project Duration:  10/01/2010 – 03/31/2014 Award Number:  FE0005666
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $1,681,841
Key Technology:   DOE Share:  $1,191,552
Performer Share:  $490,289

Overview of Real-Time, High-Accuracy Remote<br/>Monitoring of Rotating Turbo-Machinery
Overview of Real-Time, High-Accuracy Remote
Monitoring of Rotating Turbo-Machinery

Project Description

This program will develop a potentially industry changing technology to build smart, self-aware engine components that incorporate embedded, harsh-environment-capable sensors and high temperature capable wireless telemetry systems for continuously monitoring component condition in both the compressor and turbine sections. The program will result in a sensor suite that combines fast area sensors (such as IR cameras, tip-timing) with point sensors (such as thermally sprayed thermocouples, dynamic strain gauges connected to wireless transmitters) to enable a real-time high accuracy, remote monitoring of rotating turbo-machinery.

Project Benefits

This project will develop a sensor suite to enable real-time, high-accuracy, remote monitoring of rotating turbomachinery and help achieve ~10% turbine system efficiency gain by combining fast area sensors with point sensors connected to wireless transmitters. Real-time, high-accuracy remote monitoring of rotating turbo-machinery will transform how land-based turbines are designed, optimized, operated, and maintained.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Wireless Condition Based Monitoring of Gas Turbine Rotating Components Final Technical Report

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Barbara Carney:
Technology Manager Robert Romanosky:
Principal Investigator Joshua Mcconkey: