Novel Modified Optical Fibers for High Temperature In-Situ Miniaturized Gas Sensors in Advanced Fossil Energy Systems Email Page
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Performer: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and St. Univ. - OSP
Stochastically Porous Glass and Sapphire Photonic<br/>Crystal Fiber (SPCF) gas sensors and associated<br/>gas detection absorption spectrum
Stochastically Porous Glass and Sapphire Photonic
Crystal Fiber (SPCF) gas sensors and associated
gas detection absorption spectrum
Website: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Award Number: FC26-05NT42441
Project Duration: 07/01/2005 – 06/30/2014
Total Award Value: $2,437,870
DOE Share: $1,938,172
Performer Share: $499,697
Technology Area: Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology: Sensors and Controls
Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

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