FWP-FEW0191 Task 3
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Research Activities to Support DOE's Carbon Storage Program
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LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, California
Project Duration: 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017
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Technology Area:
Geologic Storage (GS)/Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment (MVAA)
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Key Technology:
Task 1 – GS: Geochemical Impacts
Task 2 – GS: Mitigation
Task 3 – GS: Fluid Flow, Pressure, and Water Management
Task 4 – GS: Fluid Flow, Pressure, and Water Management
Task 5 – MVAA: Subsurface Monitoring

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Task 3 - Implications of Stress State Uncertainty on Caprock and Well Integrity

The project is studying the effects of stress on well integrity and is developing improved simulation tools for modeling injection-induced hydraulic fracturing and its impact on caprock integrity. The key motivation for this work is field observations at the In Salah CO2 storage project, which indicate that the injection of cold CO2 at high pressures may have been sufficient to cause thermo-hydraulic fracturing in the reservoir and lowermost caprock units. The end result will be a model that may be used to simulate CO2 wellbore integrity and allow well operators to test the value of mitigation strategies on wellbore operations.