Demonstration of a Coal-based Transport Gasifier
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Southern Company Services
Kemper County, Mississippi
Project Duration: 11/17/2008 – 04/30/2020
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Technology Area:
Clean Coal Power Initiative (CCPI)
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Key Technology:
Transport Integrated Gasifier (TRIG), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture, CO2 Compression, CO2Storage
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Project Timeline

Project Description

  Figure 1: Aerial View of Kemper County Energy Facility

Southern Company Services, Inc., in a team effort with Mississippi Power Company and Kellogg Brown and Root, LLC (KBR), will design, construct, and operate a coal-based TRIG Combined Cycle power plant with 65% CO2 capture at a site in Kemper County, MS. The estimated nameplate capacity of the plant will be 830 megawatts electrical (MWe) with a peak net output capability of 582 MWe. TRIG is based on KBR's catalytic cracking technology, and is cost-effective when handling low rank coals and when using coals with high moisture or high ash content. These coals make up half the proven reserves in both the United States and the world. The estimated 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year captured from the power plant would be transported via pipeline for beneficial use in existing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations in Mississippi.

Project Benefits

The project addresses advances in coal gasification systems and technologies that permit improved management of power plant emissions, including mercury, as required by the CCPI-2 solicitation. Specifically the project will demonstrate a commercial scale air-blown TRIG; integrated with a combined cycle island; configured for pre-combustion CO2 capture. Concurrently demonstrated will be an advanced syngas cleanup system that will address sulfur removal and recovery; high temperature, high-pressure particulate filtration; the recovery of ammonia; and the removal of mercury.

Project Status

Major construction on the project is nearing completion and the combined cycle portion of the plant has been in service since early August 2014, operating on natural gas. The plant’s expected in-service date is anticipated to be in the first half of 2016.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Diane Revay Madden:
Technology Manager Michael Knaggs:
Principal Investigator Timothy Pinkston:


1 This is the value established for the portion of the total project costs recognized under the DOE Financial Assistance Award for cost-sharing purposes. It is not necessarily equal to the actual total project cost burden of the Recipient.