Application of Chemical Looping with Spouting Fluidized Bed for Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production from Catalytic Coal Gasification Email Page
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Performer:  University of Kentucky Location:  Lexington, Kentucky
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 09/30/2018 Award Number:  FE0024000
Technology Area:  Gasification Systems Total Award Value:  $677,128
Key Technology:  Air Separation DOE Share:  $481,471
Performer Share:  $195,657

University of Kentucky Bench-Scale<br/>Fluidized Bed Reactor Facility
University of Kentucky Bench-Scale
Fluidized Bed Reactor Facility

Project Description

The University of Kentucky (UK) will develop a catalytic gasification process to drive down the capital costs of coal gasification. Two key innovations will be the focus of the project. The first is the synergistic utilization of chemical looping to provide oxygen to the gasification process, thereby foregoing the necessity of having an air separation unit (ASU). This approach is synergistic because the chemical looping particles will be based on a so-called red mud, comprised mainly of iron oxides that should catalyze the gasification process as well as enhance the water-gas shift (WGS) process required to achieve a high-hydrogen syngas—necessary for generating electric power while capturing carbon dioxide emissions. The second key innovation is a spouted bed reactor configuration. This configuration will be developed by UK to enhance the gasification reaction performance.

Project Benefits

The UK process will provide an advanced and high-efficiency system for producing hydrogen-rich syngas free of methane. Ultimately, UK believes the chemical looping and spouted bed innovations will result in a reduction in the capital cost of the gasification process by 20 percent, improve the efficiency by 10 percent, and enhance the process operability. Advantageously, the red mud solid wastes from the aluminum industry that exists in large quantity can be re-used and disposed in a more economic and safe manner. Also the proposed process here presents a lower CO2 emission footprint compared to traditional coal gasification process for chemical and co-gen electricity.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Steven Markovich:
Technology Manager K David Lyons:
Principal Investigator Liangyong Chen: