Catalytic PRB Coal-CO2 Gasification for Fuels and Chemicals with Two Different Types of Syngas and Negative or Low CO2 Emissions Email Page
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Performer:  University of Wyoming Location:  Laramie, Wyoming
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 09/30/2017 Award Number:  FE0023999
Technology Area:  Gasification Systems Total Award Value:  $613,580
Key Technology:  Novel Technologies to Advance Conventional Gasification DOE Share:  $490,000
Performer Share:  $123,580

Coal conversion occurs more quickly<br/>in the presence of a catalyst
Coal conversion occurs more quickly
in the presence of a catalyst

Project Description

The University of Wyoming will develop a new catalytic, low-cost, negative or low-carbon dioxide (CO2) emission gasification technology utilizing Wyoming resources including Powder River Basin (PRB) subbituminous coal, and catalysts for production of zero or near-zero methane (CH4) syngas needed for production of fuels and value-added chemicals. The research will occur at the lab scale, and the catalytic pyrolysis and catalytic gasification behavior will be investigated and analyzed. The work will be divided into two phases. The phase one objectives are catalyst preparation, characterization, and performance assessment. The phase two objective is the kinetic and mechanistic study of gasification reactions.

Project Benefits

The University of Wyoming will use a new inexpensive composite catalyst prepared from widely available Wyoming Trona and Siderite minerals to reduce the CH4 in syngas by 30 percent and CO2 by 50 percent. Hydrogen will increase by at least 20 percent. Low-CH4 gas from catalytic pyrolysis can be used for liquid fuel and chemical syntheses without the need of a water gas shift reaction. This research will help the nation accelerate coal to liquids and polygeneration technology commercialization.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Jason Lewis:
Technology Manager K David Lyons:
Principal Investigator Maohong Fan: