NETL R&D Activities

U. S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Research & Innovation Center Research Activities within the Gasification Program


Development of Reacting Multiphase Models for Advanced Gasification Processes; Experimentation for Model Development and Validation
A prominent part of NETL RIC’s R&D portfolio has been development and validation of models for advanced gasification technology. These models streamline the design of gasifier systems, allowing complex multiphase flow reactor geometries and concepts to be explored early in the development process and evaluated with less empirical testing, yielding improved performance with lowered development time and cost. Read More!

mfs-logoFurther information about MFiX is available at NETL’s Multiphase Flow Science web page.

New Concepts for Gasification and Fuel Conversion
RIC intends to accelerate deployment of advanced gasification systems by aligning RIC core strengths with industry’s needs and technology gaps. Studies are supporting technological advancement of novel gasification concepts to

(1) reduce coal gasification costs

(2) increase overall efficiency of gasification systems; and

(3) reduce emissions including carbon.

This work leads toward design of a compact, low temperature, and economically viable gasifier to produce value-added chemicals from coal.

Material Interactions during Gasification
RIC is completing on-going high temperature refractory materials research and implementing it into industry in FY15. Also, low temperature data on ash physical and chemical phases related to particulate agglomeration will be used in modeling efforts discussed above. Refractory material research is focused in two areas:

(1) improving refractory material service life; and

(2) modeling and controlling slag chemistry.

Both of these areas have specific tasks targeting refractory material development, sensor development, ash/slag management, and vanadium phase studies. Ash agglomeration data will be used in models of fluidized bed gasification systems. Ash particles can become sticky during gasification, causing agglomeration in fluidized beds, leading to poor gas flows or gasifier shutdown in fluidized bed systems.

Innovative Technology Concepts
Exploratory studies will be conducted on ideas which emerge over the course of RIC’s research. Studies would be limited to use of existing equipment and staff, as well as work hours spent. Promising ideas emerging from this effort would be discussed with NETL leadership to develop for further study.

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