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6.4. DOE Supported R&D Projects for Syngas Cleanup Technology

DOE Supported R&D for Warm Gas Cleanup
The Department of Energy is currently developing technology for high-temperature/warm syngas cleanup through several R&D projects. Also, NETL ORD has been testing and developing sorbents able to remove mercury and other toxic contaminants of syngas at high temperature. These projects are described in the Gasification Systems Program's page on Syngas Processing Systems R&D.

Other DOE R&D in the area of Syngas Cleanup
The Gasification Systems Program's R&D portfolio in the area of Syngas Processing includes a number of new and ongoing projects, some addressing other possibilities or aspects of syngas cleanup, e.g. hydrogen separations, steam reforming catalysts, an alternative to conventional acid gas removal known as sour pressure swing adsorption, particulate removal using candle filters, and so on. Refer to the Syngas Processing Systems page for an up-to-date listing of R&D projects with links to individual project pages.

Syngas Cleanup


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