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Gasification Plant Databases

Welcome to the U. S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory's Gasification Plant Databases

Within these databases you will find current publicly available information on proposed projects and projects undergoing construction and initial operation within the United States and worldwide. Currently operating projects are excluded. The data have been compiled here to keep the public informed of the technologies and investments in major industrial coal gasification projects throughout the world. These databases track proposed gasification projects with approximate outputs greater than 100 megawatts electricity (MWe) or equivalent size for other products. Natural gas projects are not included in these databases. Included in these databases are biomass and municipal solid waste when coal is included in the feedstock blend or as a part of the overall process.

These Databases present factual, publicly available information rather than interpretive information. For those instances where conflicting data are found in the supporting literature, the most recently dated information is used. Projects are categorized as either "Active," "Delayed/Cancelled," or "Other." The "Other" category is defined as projects that have been announced, but for which data are limited.

These databases are updated quarterly; the most recent additions from each update are in red type.

Note: The data are intended to give the viewer a sample of the many proposed coal gasification projects currently in various stages of development throughout the world.


China Gasification Database - An in-depth compilation of information on coal-based gasification plants (operating, under construction, and planned) in China.

    These databases are intended to provide an overview of proposed new gasification plants that are under development. The information may not represent all possible plants under consideration but is intended to illustrate the potential that exists for installation of new International gasification plants. The Department of Energy does not warrant the accuracy or suitability of this information. Experience has shown that public announcements of gasification plant developments do not provide an accurate representation of eventually commissioned gasification plants. Actual plant capacity commissioned has historically been significantly less than new capacity announced. The report focuses on those gasification projects that have achieved significant progress toward completion, to provide a more accurate assessment of the ability of this segment of the power generation industry to support demand for new electricity capacity in various regions of the world.