Coal Gasification Systems


Coal Gasification is a process that can turn coal into clean power, chemicals, hydrogen and transportation fuels, and can be used to capture the carbon from the coal for storage or for enhanced oil recovery. To better understand the basic concepts behind Gasification, watch this short video: What is Gasification? The Gasification Systems Program is developing advanced technologies to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of producing coal syngas. Click on the Graphic for more information on key research and development areas, on how systems analysis supports the program, and for information on the benefits of gasification.


Radically Engineered Modular Systems Radically Engineered Modular Systems (REMS) is a new R&D coal conversion approach. It centers on using small scale, modular systems with heavy reliance on advanced manufacturing, sophisticated modeling and simulation, and reaction and process intensification. The REMS approach is intended to: increase plant availability, reduce capital costs and cost of energy production, reduce development time and cost, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and leverage technical breakthroughs with commercial technologies.

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