Site Specific Coal Conversion

The Site Specific Coal Conversion Key Technology will include less mature R&D and case-specific engineering and construction and balance of plant R&D to most effectively deploy advanced C&CBTL systems in a certain location, with a certain feed, infrastructure, and environment for fuels production.

Essentially, work in this area will be a bridge between a systems or process design for a particular application of coal-biomass to liquids, and a specific pilot-scale site chosen. It is the aim for pilot plants to replicate as much as reasonable the actual conditions of a specific deployment plan, including balance of plant, natural resource availability, workforce sophistication, environmental stresses, opportunity fuels, opportunity by-product creation, and product markets and transportation. For instance, if a process solution is designed to create a synthetic crude oil but a set of refined products is more marketable in the selected site location, work under this Key Area would select the next best solution to create refined products, or initiate R&D to improve upon these systems.

Systems and Industry Analysis
As part of the support for Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids technologies development, systems studies are being conducted to provide unbiased comparisons of competing technologies, determine the best way to integrate process technology steps, and predict the economic and environmental impacts of successful development.

The other key technologies within Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids: