Reactor Engineering Design

The Reactor Engineering Design Key Technology will focus on control of chemical reactions with unprecedented precision in increasingly modular and efficient reactors, allowing for smaller reactors and streamlined processes that will convert coal into valuable products at low cost and with high energy efficiency. Here, the specific emphasis will be reactors enabling conversion of coal-biomass to liquid fuels, Novel reactors, advanced manufacturing, etc. will be innovatively utilized in new C&CBTL processes and plants, especially in gasifiers specifically and primarily designed for liquid fuels production, or in direct coal to liquid fuels conversion technologies.

Systems and Industry Analysis
As part of the support for Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids technologies development, systems studies are being conducted to provide unbiased comparisons of competing technologies, determine the best way to integrate process technology steps, and predict the economic and environmental impacts of successful development.

The other key technologies within Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids: