Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids Active Project Information

Archived Projects
Advanced Fuels Synthesis
Agreement Number Project Title Performer Name Technology Area
Breakthrough Hybrid CTL Process Integrating Advanced Technologies for Coal Gasification, NG Partial Oxidation, Warm Syngas Cleanup and Syngas-to-Jet
Research Triangle Institute
Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids, Gasification Systems
SC0004378 Poison Resistant Water-Gas-Shift Catalysts for Biomass and Coal Gasification TDA Research Inc. Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids
Recently Completed
Small Scale Pilot Plant for the Gasification of Coal and Coal/Biomass Blends and Conversion of Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels Via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
University of Kentucky
Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids
NETL's Research & Innovation Center – Advanced Energy Systems – Fuels
NETL On-Site Research
Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids
FE0023663* Green-House-Gas-Reduced Coal-and-Biomass-to-Liquid-Based Jet Fuel (GHGR-CBTL) Process Altex Technologies Corporation Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids
FE0023963* Direct Coal to Liquid for Jet Fuel Using Biomass Derived Solvents Battelle Memorial Institute Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids
FE0024083* Indirect Liquefaction of Coal-Biomass Mixtures for Production of Jet Fuel with High Productivity and Selectivity Southern Research Institute Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids

* Funded by Department of Defense (DOD)  ** Co-funded by DOD and DOE