NETL R&D Activities

U. S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Research and Innovation Center Research Activities within the Coal and Coal-Biomass Liquids Program

The Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids program focuses on technologies to foster the commercial adoption of coal and coal-biomass gasification, as well as the production of affordable liquid fuels and hydrogen with excellent environmental performance. In addition to the clean, affordable, and secure production of power and liquid fuels, gasification of coal/biomass within a polygeneration plant approach creates unique technical and economic opportunities for converting gas streams into fuel additives (aromatics), olefins, and other industrial chemicals. The advantages of polygeneration include improved economics of coal and coal-biomass gasification, enhanced energy security by reducing domestic demand for foreign petrochemicals, revenue generation from the sales of chemicals, reduced carbon footprints associated with fuels and industrial chemical production, and feedstock/product flexibilities to take advantage of changing markets/pricing. The advancement of polygeneration schemes in gasification applications will require improving the efficiency, economics, and maturity of technologies, as well as the development of new catalysts, materials, and engineering approaches to enhance these technologies. Read More!

mfs-logoThe National Energy Technology Laboratory’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code—Multiphase Flow with Interphase eXchanges (MFiX)—used for modeling reacting multiphase systems like gasification, is a powerful tool for modeling/simulation essential to C&CBTL and gasification R&D. Further information about MFiX is available at NETL’s Multiphase Flow Science website.

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