SOFC Project Awards - FY2016

The SOFC Program made the following awards for new projects in FY2016.

Agreement Number Project Title Performer Key Technology Research Focus
FE0026096 Processing of SOFC Anodes for Enhanced Intermediate Temperature Catalytic Activity at High Fuel Utilization Trustees of Boston University Cell Development Anode
FE0026192 Enhancing High Temperature Anode Performance with 2 Degrees Anchoring Phases Montana State University Cell Development Anode
FE0026167 Scalable Nano-Scaffold Architecture on the Internal Surface of SOFC Anode for Direct Hydrocarbon Utilization West Virginia University Research Corporation Cell Development Anode
FE0026190 In-Operando (While in Operation) Evaluation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes for Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity and Durability University of Maryland Cell Development Cathode
FE0026210 Development of Low-Cost, Highly-Sinterable, CO-Free (Ni, Fe)304 Spinel-Based Contact Materials for SOFC Cathode-Side Contact Application Tennessee Technological University Cell Development Cathode
FE0026168 LSCF-CDZ Composite Cathodes for Improved SOFC Electrical Performance Kettering University Cell Development Cathode
FE0026097 Developing Accelerated Test Protocols and Tuning Microstructures of the Common Materials to Improve Robustness, Reliability, and Endurance of SOFC Cells University of South Carolina Cell Development Cathode
FE0026106 Low-Cost, Durable, Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Georgia Tech Research Corporation Cell Development Cathode
SC0015199 Direct 3D Femtosecond Laser Manufacturing of SOFC PolarOnyx, Inc Cell Development Cathode
FE0026095 Matrix Study of Aged SOFC Performance and Materials Degradation Acumentrics Core Technology Reliability
FE0026199 SOFC Prototype System Test FuelCell Energy Inc. Systems Development Atmospheric Systems
FE0026093 Innovative SOFC Technologies FuelCell Energy Inc. Systems Development Innovative Concepts
FE0026189 High Power, Low Cost Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks for Robust and Reliable Distributed Generation Redox Power Systems, LLC Systems Development Innovative Concepts
FE0026098 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes for MW-Scale SOFC Power Systems for Improved Stack Reliability, Durability and Cost LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. Systems Development Innovative Concepts
FE0026169 Development of a Thermal Spray Redox Stable, Ceramic Anode for Metal Supported SOFC General Electric Company Systems Development Innovative Concepts

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