Cell Development

Cell DevelopmentResearch is focused on the cell-related technologies critical to the commercialization of SOFC technology. The components of the SOFC - the anode, cathode and electrolyte – are the primary research emphasis of this key technology. The electrochemical performance, durability, and reliability of the solid oxide fuel cell are key determinants in establishing the technical and economic viability of SOFC Power Systems. Thus the SOFC Program maintains a diversified portfolio of cell development projects that are focused on improving electrochemical performance and cell power density, reducing long term degradation, developing more robust cells, and cost reduction. Additional research projects include evaluation of contaminants, advanced materials, materials characterization, advanced manufacturing, and failure analysis. Program participants include academia, national laboratories, small businesses, the NETL Research & Innovation Center, and other R&D organizations. The portfolio maintains a mix of near-, mid-, and long-term R&D projects at bench- and laboratory-scale.