Technology Identification Module

Produced Water Management Technology Identification Module

The Technology Identification Module is an interactive tool for identifying appropriate produced water management strategies for a given well location and circumstances.

The Technology Identification Module follows the philosophy of a. three-tiered water management/pollution prevention hierarchy (i.e., minimization, recycle/reuse, and disposal). Water management options with the lowest environmental impacts are encouraged ahead of those with more significant environmental impacts. The Technology Identification Module helps identify water management options, but users should also consider their own site-specific costs and water volumes.

How it Works 
Users will be asked to answer a series of questions about the location of the well site, physical features of the site that may allow or inhibit the use of various options, whether the regulatory agency with jurisdiction allows or prohibits particular options, and whether cost or the user's company policy would preclude any options. Nearly all questions are set up for only "yes" or "no" responses. Depending on how the initial questions are answered, users will face additional questions. Some of these can be answered immediately, while others may require further investigation of other portions of this web site or external information. Suitable options will be identified as users complete the questions, and users will be able to print out a summary of suitable options when the process is completed.

First-time users are encouraged to make a quick first pass through the list of questions, provide sample answers, and review the types of information needed to complete the questions. They can then return to answer the questions more carefully, and explore multiple options.

NOTE: Your Web browser must be set to accept Web cookies in order for the Technology Identification Module to work properly. In most cases, this is the default setting for your Web browser, but if you experience problems using the Module, failure to accept Web cookies may be the cause. See your browser's Help tool to learn how to check and manage Web cookie settings.