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Performer:  Sporian Microsystems, Inc. Location:  Lafayette, CO
Project Duration:  06/28/2012 – 08/13/2018 Award Number:  SC0008269
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $2,159,100
Key Technology:  Sensors & Controls DOE Share:  $2,159,100
Performer Share:  $0

High-Temperature Harsh Environment Packaging
High-Temperature Harsh Environment Packaging

Project Description

The objective of this project is to develop ultra-high temperature "smart" sensors from silicon carbon nitride (SiCN) materials for energy generation and aerospace systems. The sensors will be developed from innovative fabrication processes and contain internal compensation, health check and data bus support to the interface. The project will build a sensor utilizing a class of high-temperature ceramic materials synthesized by thermal decomposition of polymeric precursors, which possess excellent mechanical properties up to 1800ºC. The project will also construct and fabricate designs for multiple sensors to produce bench- and -pilot scale operable demonstration ready sensing.

Project Benefits

Expected benefits include sensor development from innovative fabrication processes with internal compensation, health check and data bus support to the interface. By continuous condition monitoring of high temperature surrounding using these sensors, one can expect lower failure rates, improved contact and reduced moisture collection with sensing at the source, and overall lower cost associated with life and system failures.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Sydni Credle:
Technology Manager Briggs White:
Principal Investigator Yiping Liu: