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Performer:  Ames National Laboratory Location:  Ames, IA
Project Duration:  10/01/2013 – 09/30/2014 Award Number:  FWP-AL-14-510-070
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $75,000
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials DOE Share:  $75,000
Performer Share:  $0

Atomized Powder
Atomized Powder

Project Description

This project seeks to enhance the control of metal powder production by gas atomization methods to benefit the implementation of several emerging Fossil Energy technologies that utilize metal powders of specific size ranges and types, either not available from (novel compositions) or not efficiently produced by industrial powder makers.

Project Benefits

Efficient production of such powders can eliminate a major technological barrier to the use of new concepts for fabrication, for example, hydrogen membranes, heat exchanger tubing, and oxidation/ sulfidation resistant coatings.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Richard Dunst:
Technology Manager Robert Romanosky:
Principal Investigator Iver Anderson: