Novel Temperature Sensors and Wireless Telemetry for Active Condition Monitoring of Advanced Gas Turbines Email Page
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Performer:  Siemens Corporation Location:  Princeton, NJ
Project Duration:  09/16/2015 – 08/31/2020 Award Number:  FE0026348
Technology Area:  Plant Optimization Technologies Total Award Value:  $4,687,500
Key Technology:  Sensors & Controls DOE Share:  $3,750,000
Performer Share:  $937,500

The smart turbine component, consisting of<br/>integrated embedded sensors with wireless<br/>telemetry, operational in the harsh environments<br/>of the gas turbine.
The smart turbine component, consisting of
integrated embedded sensors with wireless
telemetry, operational in the harsh environments
of the gas turbine.

Project Description

As advanced fossil energy systems progress towards higher efficiencies and ultra-low emissions, the conditions under which fuel is converted to power are becoming increasingly harsh (i.e., pressure, temperature, and corrosivity increases), leading to accelerated rates of degradation and failure of materials and components. A reliable and long-term monitoring capability will contribute to the overall reliability of the combustion turbine; however, real-time component condition monitoring in an industrial gas turbine presents significant technical challenges in several key technology development areas. To meet the need for continuous monitoring, Siemens and its key partner Arkansas Power Electronics will develop an innovative, real-time sensor integrated component monitoring concept in the combustion turbine for long-term engine operation.

Project Benefits

The proposed system will transmit real-time blade-specific data from the turbine blade, enabling a transition to lower-cost, condition-based maintenance programs.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Sydni Credle:
Technology Manager Briggs White:
Principal Investigator Anand Kulkarni: