Precursor-Derived Nanostructured Silicon Carbide Based Materials for Magnetohydrodynamic Electrode Applications Email Page
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Performer: University of Washington
Two potential models of the carbon dispersion<br/>within the SiC bulk (a) Isolated carbon clusters<br/>embedded in the remaining phase (b) Graphene<br/>cages encapsulating the remaining phase
Two potential models of the carbon dispersion
within the SiC bulk (a) Isolated carbon clusters
embedded in the remaining phase (b) Graphene
cages encapsulating the remaining phase
Website: University of Washington
Award Number: FE0023142
Project Duration: 10/01/2014 – 09/30/2018
Total Award Value: $399,989
DOE Share: $399,989
Performer Share: $0
Technology Area: University Training and Research
Key Technology: Innovative Energy Concepts
Location: Seattle, Washington

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