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Performer:  Prairie View A&M University Location:  Prairie View, Texas
Project Duration:  10/01/2014 – 03/31/2019 Award Number:  FE0023040
Technology Area:  University Training and Research Total Award Value:  $249,996
Key Technology:  High Performance Materials DOE Share:  $249,996
Performer Share:  $0

Project Description

The project will develop a novel nanomaterial to efficiently capture CO2 from the flue gas of fossil energy power generation systems by: 1) Establishing a knowledge base on the synthesis of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanotubes and adsorption characteristics of Polyethylenimine (PEI) and also the various protocols available for the impregnation of PEI, 2) Developing optimized protocols for synthesis of TiO2 nanotubes impregnated with PEI, 3) Characterizing the impregnated nanotubes and using them for refining synthesis parameters such as temperature, concentration, and time, 4) Developing computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations in order to optimize the reactor conditions for high carbon capture efficiency, 4) Demonstrating the carbon capture efficiency of impregnated TiO2 tubes under various environmental conditions such as temperature and concentration, and 5) Establishing a validated CFD model and a standard operating procedure for carbon capture using PEI impregnated TiO2 nanotubes.

Project Benefits

This project could optimize the procedures for synthesizing nanotubes and impregnation protocols and develop standard operating procedures for carbon capture at different temperatures and concentrations. As well, it may provide a very high efficiency and low cost method to capture CO2 from effluents of advanced fossil energy systems. In addition to these benefits, this project will train and support at least two undergraduate and two graduate students to engage in challenging energy research.

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Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Anthony Zinn:
Technology Manager Briggs White:
Principal Investigator Raghava Kommalapati: