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Performer: University of Texas at El Paso
''Smart Parts'' with embedded sensors, (a) sensing<br/>capabilities showcase, (b) case study 1, ''smart''<br/>tube, (c) case study 2, ''smart'' pre-mixer.
''Smart Parts'' with embedded sensors, (a) sensing
capabilities showcase, (b) case study 1, ''smart''
tube, (c) case study 2, ''smart'' pre-mixer.
Website: University of Texas at El Paso
Award Number: FE0012321
Project Duration: 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2017
Total Award Value: $1,150,820
DOE Share: $913,287
Performer Share: $237,532
Technology Area: Plant Optimization Technologies
Key Technology: Sensors & Controls
Location: El Paso, Texas

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