Metal Oxide/Nitride Heterostructured Nanowire Arrays for Ultra-Sensitive and Selective Multi-Mode High Temperature Gas Detection Email Page
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Performer: University of Connecticut (UConn)
Schematic of a typical experimental set-up<br/>for synthesis of perovskite nanoparticle decorated<br/>nanowire arrays on AlxGa1-xN epi-substrates.
Schematic of a typical experimental set-up
for synthesis of perovskite nanoparticle decorated
nanowire arrays on AlxGa1-xN epi-substrates.
Website: University of Connecticut
Award Number: FE0011577
Project Duration: 07/18/2013 – 05/22/2017
Total Award Value: $300,000
DOE Share: $300,000
Performer Share: $0
Technology Area: University Training and Research
Key Technology: Sensors & Controls
Location: Storrs, Connecticut

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