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Performer:  University of California - Merced Location:  Merced, CA
Project Duration:  08/15/2010 – 11/15/2013 Award Number:  FE0003801
Technology Area:  University Training and Research Total Award Value:  $299,931
Key Technology:  Simulation-Based Engineering DOE Share:  $299,931
Performer Share:  $0

Temperature differences of each phase between<br/>with and without radiation. From left to right:<br/>gas, solid phase 1, solid phase 2 and solid phase 3.
Temperature differences of each phase between
with and without radiation. From left to right:
gas, solid phase 1, solid phase 2 and solid phase 3.

Project Description

The research carried out in this project encompassed three general areas: (i) assessment of relevant radiation properties of particle clouds encountered in fluidized bed and pulverized coal combustors, (ii) development of proper spectral models for gas–particulate mixtures for various types of two-phase combustion flows, and (iii) development of a radiative transfer equation (RTE) solution module for such applications. The resulting models were validated against artificial cases since open literature experimental data were not available. The final models are in modular form tailored toward maximum portability, and were incorporated into two research codes: (i) the open-source CFD code OpenFOAM, which had been extensively used in previous work, and (ii) the open-source multi-phase flow code MFIX, which is maintained by NETL.

Project Benefits

Improvements in power industry algorithms will promote high-accuracy simulations to improve power plant design and operation, resulting in greater efficiency, improved grid dispatch, and reduced emissions. Specifically, this project provides a means to describe solid particles (coal, ash, soot, bed material) using state- of-the-art two-phase spectral models integrated into MFIX.

Presentations, Papers, and Publications

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Steven Seachman: steven.seachman@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager Robert Romanosky: robert.romanosky@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator Mike Modest: mmodest@ucmerced.edu