Advanced Cooling Technology

This component of the program is focused on research to develop technologies that improve performance and reduce costs associated with wet cooling, dry cooling, and hybrid cooling technologies. In addition, the research area covers innovative methods to control bio-fouling of cooling water intake structures as well as advances in intake structure systems.

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It is technically possible to cool power plants with minimal water use. However, at this time, such cooling methods are not as economically feasible as traditional cooling systems. Additional research is necessary to develop cooling systems that use as little water as possible but at a reasonable cost.

Water intake structures are also an area of concern, especially considering the Clean Water Act 316(b) regulation which requires that the location, design, construction, and capacity of cooling water intake structures reflect the best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impact. With plant intake structures, the particular concern is impingement and entrainment of aquatic organisms.

Sponsored advanced cooling research includes: 

  • Pilot scale testing of a hybrid cooling technology. 
  • Testing of an environmentally safe control method to prevent zebra mussel fouling. 
  • Development of high thermal conductivity foam to be used in air-cooled steam condensers for power plants.
  • Evaluation of condensing technology applied to wet evaporative cooling towers. 
  • Development of scale-prevention technologies and novel filtration methods.

Advanced Cooling Technology: Active and Completed Projects

Advanced Cooling Technology Projects Advanced Cooling Technology
Active and completed projects for advanced cooling technology.
Improvement to Air2Air® Technology to Reduce Freshwater Evaporative Cooling Loss SPX Cooling Systems, Inc.
Pilot Scale
Application of Pulse Spark Discharges for Scale Prevention and Continuous Filtration Methods in Coal Fired Power Plants Drexel University
Pilot Scale
Improved Performance of an Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Using SPX Wind Guide Technology

SPX Cooling Systems, Inc.
DE -NT0006549
Pilot Scale
Development of an Impaired Water Cooling System Electric Power Research Institute
Pilot Scale
Environmentally-Safe Control of Zebra Mussel Fouling New York State Education Department
Pilot Scale
Enhanced Performance Carbon Foam Heat Exchanger for Power Plant Cooling Ceramic Composites, Inc
Pilot Scale
Use of Air2Air™ Technology to Recover Fresh-Water from the Normal Evaporative Cooling Loss at Coal-Based Thermoelectric Power Plants SPX Cooling Systems, Inc
Pilot Scale
Application of Pulsed Electrical Fields for Advanced Cooling in Coal-Fired Power Plants Drexel University
Pilot Scale
A Novel Concept for Reducing Water Usage and Increasing Efficiency in Power Generation University of Pittsburgh
Pilot Scale