Bench-Scale Development & Testing of a Novel Adsorption Process 
Project No.: DE-FE0007948

InnoSepra, LLC is demonstrating the effectiveness of an innovative adsorption-based carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology utilizing a combination of novel microporous materials and process cycles.  The process utilizes physical sorbents with much lower heats of adsorption compared to competing processes.  Lab scale testing has produced greater than 99 percent CO2 purity and greater than 90 percent CO2 recovery from synthetic flue gas.  Projections based on detailed engineering evaluations show that at commercial scale, the technology can reduce the power consumption for CO2 capture by more than 40 percent and the capital cost for the CO2 capture equipment by more than 60 percent, resulting in a more than a 40 percent reduction in the CO2capture cost compared to alternate technologies such as amines and chilled ammonia.

The key objectives of the project are: to confirm the design basis for bench-scale testing based on the lab-scale results and process modeling; build and test the bench-scale unit in the lab; and test the bench-scale unit on actual coal-based flue gas from a  power plant for a period of six to eight weeks.  Following the completion of the plant testing, InnoSepra will use the data generated to perform scale up modeling, process and equipment design, and engineering and costing for installation of the InnoSepra CO2 capture system for a commercial 500-MW power plant.

InnoSepra Capture Process Schematic
InnoSepra Capture Process Schematic

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