Evaluation of Solid Sorbents as a Retrofit Technology for CO2 Capture from Coal-Fired Power Plants 
Project No.: DE-NT0005649

  ADA-ES Sorbent Test Equipment.
  ADA-ES Sorbent Test Equipment.

ADA-ES Inc. is developing and scaling-up a sorbent-based, post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO) capture process. Investigators are evaluating the performance of sorbents from laboratory- to bench-scale. Various sorbents are being screened in a fixed-bed contactor in the laboratory on simulated flue gas, as well as in the field on actual flue gas.  Bench-scale tests are being performed on slip-streams of simulated and actual flue gas with a moving-bed reactor large enough to treat flue gas containing nominally 1 tons of COper day (~100 acfm).  The criteria for optimal sorbents will include the availability of raw material, ability to manage disposal costs, CO2working capacity, interaction with flue gas constituents, and sufficient hardness to mitigate attrition.  The test results will aid in the development of a conceptual design for the integration of the sorbent system into a coal-fired power plant.


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