Slipstream Development and Testing of Siemens POSTCAP Capture and Separation Technology
Project No.: DE-FE0003714

Siemens Energy, Inc. will design, install, and operate a pilot plant for treating a 2.5 MW equivalent slipstream at the TECO Energy Big Bend Station to demonstrate POSTCAP technology for post-combustion CO2 gas capture.

POSTCAP based technology utilizes an amino acid salt (AAS) that can operate in a conventional scrubber system similar to that for MEA, but with negligible solvent volatility, less corrosion, very low degradation and lower regeneration energy. The absorption activity is believed to be similar to MEA, but the capacity of AAS is theoretically double that of MEA. Design capacity is close to this theoretical capacity, which will lead to lower solvent flow rate and inventory for AAS. The solvent is an aqueous solution of approximately 30 – 40 percent AAS and water.

POSTCAP small pilot scale unit to be scaled up to 1 MW equivalent
POSTCAP small pilot scale unit to be scaled up to 2.5 MW equivalent.

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