Development of Novel Carbon Sorbents for CO2 Capture 
Project No.: DE-NT0005578

SRI International will develop a novel, high-capacity, carbon-based carbon dioxide (CO2) sorbent with moderate thermal requirements for regeneration.  In the proposed process, CO2 is absorbed in a bed of carbon sorbent pellets and desorbed in a separate reactor that regenerates the sorbent and cycles it back to the absorber.  The flue gas stream is cooled in a direct contact cooler (DCC) to decrease its temperature to near ambient conditions. The cooled flue gas from the DCC passes through the sorbent contained in a moving bed reactor, where CO2 is removed by adsorption.  The CO2-laden sorbent is transported to a second moving bed reactor, where it is indirectly heated by steam coils to desorb the CO2.  Project objectives are to validate the performance of the carbon-based sorbent concept on a bench-scale system, to perform parametric experiments to determine optimum operating conditions, and to evaluate the technical and economic viability of the technology.   

SRI Sorbent Schematic

SRI Sorbent Schematic

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