Low Cost Sorbent for Capturing CO2 Emissions Generated by Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants 
Project No.: DE-NT0005497

TDA sorbent test equipment
TDA sorbent test equipment.

TDA Research Inc. will produce and evaluate a low-cost solid sorbent developed in prior laboratory testing.  The process uses an alkalized alumina adsorbent to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) at intermediate temperature and near ambient pressure.  The physical adsorbent is regenerated with low-pressure steam. Although the regeneration is primarily by concentration swing, the adsorption of steam on the sorbent during regeneration also provides approximately 8°C to 10°C of temperature swing, further enhancing the regeneration rate.  The sorbent is transferred between two moving bed reactors.  Cycling results in gas contact time of approximately 1.5 seconds in the adsorption reactor and a solids contact time of 1.5 minutes in the regeneration reactor.  A bench-scale CO2 capture system will be designed and constructed to test the developed sorbent using a coal-derived flue gas.  Mass and energy balances for a commercial-scale, coal-fired power plant retrofit with the CO2 capture system will also be determined.

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