Carbon Dioxide Capture from Large Point Sources 
Project No.: FG02-04ER83925 SBIR

Commercial hollow fiber membrane cartridge.
Commercial hollow fiber membrane cartridge
[6"(D) X 17"(L)].
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Compact Membrane Systems, Inc. developed and tested a carbon dioxide (CO2) removal system for flue gas streams from large point sources that offers improved mass transfer rates compared to conventional technologies.

The project fabricated perfluorinated membranes on hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane contactors, demonstrated CO2 removal from a simulated flue gas mixture via amine absorption using the fabricated membranes, examine chemical compatibility of the membrane with amines, and demonstrate enhanced stability of the perfluoro-coated membranes. In addition, an economic analysis was performed to demonstrate that the perfluoro-coated hydrophobic hollow fiber membrane contactors are superior to existing commercial COremoval technology.

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