Advanced Amine Solvent Formulation and Process Integration for Near-Term CO2 Capture Success
Project No.: FG02-06ER84625 SBIR

Double Matrix Stripper for MEA/PZ
Double Matrix Stripper for MEA/PZ (click to enlarge)

Trimeric Corporation investigated the feasibility of a highly-integrated, advanced amine scrubbing system, along with a novel amine solvent, that can significantly reduce the parasitic energy requirements. In Phase I, detailed costs for full-scale units were prepared on the basis of rigorous process models, detailed heat and material balances, and equipment selection. An economic and engineering analysis were conducted and the results compared with the baseline monoethanolamine scrubbing system. The appropriate construction materials were to be evaluated and selected and Trimeric was to work with contacts within the utility industry to develop realistic and effective process integration strategies for steam system tie-ins, additional heat recovery options, and operability. A plan for integrating these amine units in a full-scale, coal-fired power plant was also to be developed.

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