Carbon Use and Reuse

Carbon dioxide is thermodynamically stable, but it is still reactive under certain conditions that do not necessarily require intensive energy input. Using CO2 as a feedstock for a variety of products is a promising research area, particularly in conjunction with energy generated from renewable energy sources. The Carbon Use and Reuse Technology Area seeks to support the development of technologies identified as having the greatest potential to help boost the commodity market for CO2 while producing no additional CO2 emissions. Doing this will require a comprehensive understanding of product markets in addition to their conventional energy balances and life cycles. Read more about Carbon Use and Reuse research.

The program supports research that will improve the nation’s scientific understanding in three key technologies:  

Key Technologies

Polycarbonate Chemicals Mineralization

The key technologies are focused on boosting the commodity market for CO2. They strive to utilize CO2 in valued products with a cost metric of less than $10 per metric ton of CO2 while making no additional contribution to CO2 emissions. Other benefits include increased energy security due to reduced oil imports, improved balance of payments for international trade, and providing U.S. industry with potentially low-cost options for reducing GHG emissions. Each key technology for Carbon Use and Reuse has a specific research pathway. More information on each key technology research pathway can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks in the table above. The timeline for each research pathway begins with applied research (TRL 2–4) that advances through development (TRL 5–6) and ends with large-scale testing (TRL 7–9).

Carbon Use and Reuse Interactive Map

NETL is supporting a portfolio of projects to address the research pathways for each of the key technologies. The performer locations of the current portfolio of Carbon Use and Reuse projects are shown on the map below.

For more information about a particular project, click on the project location on the map to obtain the project fact sheet. 

Opportunities for Beneficial Use
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This figure illustrates opportunities for carbon use and reuse with NETL-supported research highlighted in blue. The sum of these options can provide technological mechanisms that utilize CO2 and has the potential to provide economic benefits for fossil-fuel-fired power plants or industrial processes. Furthermore, CO2 utilization through EOR could also be pursued primarily as a means to help offset capture costs and thereby accelerate the implementation of geologic storage.