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7.6. DOE Supported R&D for Production of Hydrogen

DOE continues to support projects to help develop technologies for affordable and competitive clean hydrogen (H2) or high H2 syngas production from solid feedstocks, consistent with use of the H2 or syngas in applications needed for a decarbonized economy including sustainable fuels, hydrogen for transportation, and beyond. These projects include the development of novel gasification technologies including catalytic and microwave gasification, advanced separation materials & methods, innovative use of biomass and waste materials as gasification feedstocks, and the development of technological approaches that consolidate multiple processing steps into a single step to reduce overall project costs—i.e., process intensification. Relevant projects can be found listed at Gasification Systems program pages:

•    Projects in the Process Intensification for Syngas & Hydrogen key technology area
•    Projects in the Clean Hydrogen & Negative CO2 Emissions key technology area




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