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FE0031629_Kickoff meeting_10-12-2018.pdf

Project Kickoff Meeting Universal Solvent Viscosity Reduction via Hydrogen Bonding Disruptors Project Objectives • Computer simulation to understand the molecular interactions in non- aqueous CO2 capture solvents. • Synthesis and characterization of hydrogen bonding disrupter molecules with the specific goal of significantly reducing the viscosity of non-aqueous carbon capture solvents in the presence of CO2. • Proof-of-concept performance testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of hydrogen bonding disrupters in lowering viscosity. • Optimization of hydrogen bonding disruptor chemical structure based on insights gained from computational modeling and experimental proof-of- concept studies. • Demonstration of the effectiveness of the optimized hydrogen bonding disrupters in the presence of synthetic flue gas. LIS Team Professor Hunaid Nulwala • Experienced chemist with experience in industry, government, and academia • Strong background in polymers, ionic liquids, gas separations • Founder of two technology companies • 50+ publications and 16+ patents and applications in material development Dr. David Luebke • Chemical engineer specializing in carbon capture • Membrane scientist with experience designing, constructing and operating performance equipment • Broad knowledge of carbon capture system Dr. Xu Zhou – Principal Investigator • Experienced chemist • Strong background in material development for carbon