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Announcement Number
Funding Opportunity Announcement: No. DE-FOA-0002092 “Electric Grid of Things – Attaining Resilience Objectives With Networks of Sensing Intelligent Machines
Announcement Type
Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
Opening Date
Closing Date
Contract Specialist
Sheldon Funk
Office of Electricity

The goal of this FOA is to conceive and develop scenarios, approaches, methodologies, tools, techniques and systems that maximize the bi-directional exchange of grid services while optimizing connectivity and information exchange at the grid edge to IoT interface that leads to enhanced system resilience and reliability.  These advancements must be applicable to the scenario of maintaining energy surety to defense installations, where coordination between defense facilities, the utility, and surrounding DER can extend the functioning of those facilities through normal and abnormal events. More information is available in FedConnect.

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