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NETL Experts to Participate in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation

Key NETL researchers and project managers involved with the Laboratory’s work on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) will attend the 20th Annual SOFC project review meeting Monday, April 29, through Wednesday, May 1, in Crystal City, Virginia. The event is designed to inspire discussions centered on advancing development of fuel cell technology.

The SOFC session is being held in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2019 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting.

SOFCs are electrochemical devices that convert chemical energy of a fuel directly into electrical energy. Since SOFCs produce electricity through an electrochemical reaction and not through a combustion process, they are more efficient and environmentally benign than conventional electric power generation processes.

According to NETL officials, the SOFC session at this meeting provides a forum for experts from the SOFC research and development community, industry and government stakeholders to discuss recent improvements, shortcomings, and future needs for advancing SOFC technology. All projects funded by the DOE SOFC program will be presented. The review will include 30 oral presentations and 22 poster presentations.

A prestigious lineup of global industry and government leaders will be featured as part of the DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting including Alan Finkel, chief scientist of Australia; Andy Marsh, president and CEO of Plug Power and chairman of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association; and Sunita Satyapal, director of DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

The Office of Fossil Energy Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Program addresses the technical challenges facing the commercialization of SOFC technology and a series of increasingly larger demonstration projects intended to validate solutions to those challenges. To successfully complete the maturation of the SOFC technology from its present state to the point of commercial readiness, the Program’s efforts are channeled through three key technology areas: cell development, core technology, and systems analysis development

Anyone who attends any portion of the event must register in advance of the meeting. To register for the 2019 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting, complete and submit the online registration form.