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NETL Director Participates in Panel at Premier Energy Event in Texas

NETL Director Brian Anderson joined a prestigious panel this week at CERAWeek, the world’s premier energy event, in Houston, Texas. Anderson spoke alongside three other national laboratory leaders at the five-day conference, which brought together 4,000 global industry leaders and policymakers from more than 75 countries to discuss a range of energy-related topics.

The panel, called “Voices of Innovation: How innovative technologies emerge from DOE’s research — A dialogue with National Laboratory directors,” was hosted by DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul M. Dabbar, who serves as the principal advisor to the Department on fundamental energy research, energy technologies and science.  

The panel, which also featured Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Thomas Zacharia and Brookhaven National Laboratory Director Doon Gibbs, was held under CERAWeek’s Innovation Agora agenda focused on the intersection of energy, technology and the innovative disruption transforming the industry.

Anderson said the conference represented a unique opportunity for industry, government and society to exchange ideas, network and address the future of energy.

“I welcomed the opportunity to address this broad audience of professionals from energy, policy, technology and financial institutions. It was a privilege to serve on the panel with Under Secretary Dabbar and my colleagues and discuss how innovative technologies emerge from Department of Energy research. NETL is unique as DOE’s only national lab that is both government-owned and -operated, and we have a noteworthy record of success in accelerating the development of energy innovations through strategic partnerships, targeted research, talented staff and world-class facilities,” Anderson said.

Sharing NETL’s successes highlights the Lab’s role in producing forward-thinking technology solutions for the nation’s energy challenges. NETL’s mission is to discover, integrate and mature technology solutions to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations.