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2016 NETL Water Management Program Workshop

2016 NETL Water Management Program Workshop
National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 30, 2016

The U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) Crosscutting Research Program held a Workshop in order to seek input regarding research areas seen as essential to the Water Management Research and Development (Water Management) Program.  All technology areas were considered that ensured steady, reliable energy production from thermal power plants albeit delivered with reductions in water usage.  The current Water Management Program areas of water treatment and reuse, process efficiency and heat utilization, and data modeling and analysis were addressed.  Water treatment and reuse covered both the treatment of briny water as well as power plant effluent waste streams. Each technology area presentation was followed by an open discussion period.  The Workshop also sought to promote networking and collaboration between leading researchers and experts in government, industry, and academia and utilities and other aspects of the fossil energy market that could benefit from technological advancements leading to reduced water consumption. 


  • Keynote
    Robie Lewis, DOE HQ, Crosscutting Research Program
  • Closing Remarks
    Robert Romanosky, NETL, Crosscutting Research Program
  •  Workshop Summary – to be added soon