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2018 S&T Accomplishments Sessions Posters

2018 S&T Accomplishments logo

NETL researchers leverage the Lab’s world-class capabilities and facilities each day to pursue innovative science and technology (S&T) advances that contribute to technological solutions for America’s energy challenges. The Lab recently celebrated more than 30 notable 2018 S&T accomplishments with an interactive poster session focused on key research priorities that promote safe, reliable and affordable energy nationwide. Each of these posters can be found below or click HERE to download the 2018 Science and Technology Accomplishments Session book.


01- REE Poster



02- PGC-RDE Poster



03- sCO2 Poster



04- NRAP Poster



05- Transformational Pilots Poster



06- Coal Benefication Poster



07- Advanced Manufacturing Poster



08-Matrix Poster



01- LBLN Poster



01- Proppants Poster



11- REE Poster



01- GWPC Poster



13- RMM Poster



14- MFIX Poster



01- NCCC Poster



01- CC Testing Poster



17- RCSP Poster



01- Portlandite Poster



19- Alaska Poster



20- Education Poster



01- Strategic partnerships Poster



22- LGFCS Poster



23- Cybersecurity Poster



24- IDAES Poster



25- Catalytic Conversion of CO2 Poster



26- Alloy Poster



27- R&D Existing Plants Poster



28- RIC Sensors Poster



29- LPLD-DAS Poster



30- Advanced Membranes Poster



31- KM-Tool Poster



32- Ion Exchangable REE Poster



33- SOFC Poster



34- AUSC Poster



35- Water for Thermo Poster



36- CT & VR Poster



37- offshore Poster